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We all know that drinking water is important. A well-timed water reminder can help motivate you to develop good habits. There are studies that measure how water consumption can contribute to weight loss, control BPH (prostate issues), reduce kidney stones, and improve overall health and fitness.

But tracking daily water intake in water tracker apps is annoying and prone to error.

Not a Water Tracking App

Most water reminder apps, like Plant Nanny, Hydro Coach, Aqualert, and Waterbalance are water trackers. They ask you to set daily goals or are based on a certain water drinking schedule.

P is a different kind of water app. It's designed to be one of the easiest ways to get reminders to drink water with minimal work. You don't need to set any water goals, use a customized cup or special water bottle, or even track your daily intake. It's not a water tracking app at all — it's possibly the best water reminder app.

With P, all you need to do is tap one button every time you go to the bathroom, and you'll get a reminder to drink water when it's been over three hours since you peed.

The Best Water Reminder App

The amount of H2O you should be drinking depends on a number of factors, like your body weight, body temperature, or the amount of physical activity you do on a particular day.

Unlike most drinking water apps, P can keep you on track with water consumption and keep you more aware of your body's response to different foods, weather, and beverages based on your output rather than water intake. There's a graphic display that shows stats about the average time between your pees, both in the long and short term, so you can see how you're doing over time.

Pee tracking isn't conventional. You won't find the ability to track your pees in the Apple Health app or Google Fit, but P may be the best water reminder app for you. It provides relevant water reminders with minimal input.

Want to know whether it's a great app? Check out the user reviews in the App Store.

Available for iPhone and Apple Watch

Right now, P is available in the App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch. In the future, it may also be available for Android and Android Wear in the Google Play store. Try it out today!

P was formerly called Pee & See.

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