Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers the P app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch.

Some aggregate statistics, including number of pees logged, averages calculated based on your pee data, and your time since last pee may be displayed to other users on the Leaderboard within the app.

When these statistics are displayed, your data will be represented anonomously, with a number based on your ranking. You can choose to opt-out of inclusion in the Leaderboard by turning off the Leaderboard switch on the Settings screen within the P app.

Your pee data is stored on your device. If you are signed into iCloud on the device, have space available, and have not turned off iCloud for P in the Settings app, your pee data will be backed up to your iCloud account. This data on your iCloud account is used for syncing across devices and restoring your data if you get a new device or delete the app and re-install it later.

Your pee data on your iCloud account is stored privately and securely on Apple's servers. This includes location data stored with pees if you enable the See Where You Peed feature. It is only accessible from your iCloud account. This data can't be accessed by anyone who doesn't have access to your iCloud account, including the developer of the app.

The developer of this app will not sell or rent your pee data, and your individual pee data is not even accessible to the developer of the app for this or any other purpose.

If you choose to invite friends on the app, all sharing takes place through your iCloud account. Any user of the app who has your link to follow you, or who you follow, can see the name on your iCloud account. Your name is not visible to any other users of the app or the developer, and is not sent anywhere off your device.

This policy was last updated February 6, 2024.

Terms of Use

P is designed to be a fun way to get reminders to drink water. It is not intended to provide medical diganosis or advice. By using this app you agree that you understand it does not provide medical advice. If you have medical questions, contact a physician.

P includes an optional premium subscription to unlock additional features and content. If you choose to purchase a subscription, it will be charged to your App Store account and will automatically renew, unless canceled before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time by going to your Account Settings on the App Store after purchase.

By using P, you agree that you're not a citizen of the European Union.

P is a product of Ganotis Holdings, Inc.